Hopefully these resources help answer some of your questions. Your number one resource for Saskatchewan Mounted Shooting is our executive and members.

Horse Breeders and Trainers

Visit our page, dedicated to getting you mounted.


Rules and Regulations - SCMSA rules and regulations.

Apply to become an SCMSA member

SCMSA-Safety-Meeting-Checklist- To help insure that all topics are covered during the mandatory pre-shoot safety meeting.

ATF Form to transport firearms to the US for competitions. Get it sent in months in advance. FAX is fastest by FAR.



SCMSA Arena Sign in

U.S. Shooters competing in Canada:

GUIDE: Tips for US Shooters SCMSA 2016

Required: Request_for_Non-Resident_ATT

Required: 909-RCMP_5589_-_Eng_Non_resident_firearms_declaration

Optional for 3+ firearms: 910-RCMP_5590_-_Eng_Non_resident_firearms_declaration_continuation


Saskatchewan Horse Federation - The SHF provides insurance for our organization and the events we sanction. Saskatchewan mounted shooters are required to become individual members of the SHF.

Firearms Education

S.A.F.E (Saskatchewan Association for Firearms Education)

Canadian Firearms Program

Chief Firearms Officer (CFO)

Firearms Safety Course

Restricted Firearms Safety Course


Cowboy Mounted Shooting Clubs

Border Cowboys Mounted Shooters

Manitoba Mounted Shooting Association

Alberta Mounted Shooters Association

Wildrose Mounted Shooting Society

Canadian Cowboy Mounted Shooters Association

SCMSA District 1 Shooters (Regina area) - Facebook

 Cowboy Mounted Shooting gear

Holsters, scabbards and leather work

- - (Britt, Saskatchewan)

- The Leather Loft (Gail Cook, Bentley AB)

- CR Ranch Saddle & Gift Shop (Near Saskatoon, SK)

- Prairie Mountain Mounted Shooting Supplies Blair: 403-820-0025

- Northern Plains Leather (Regina, SK)

Guns, ammo, brass and reloading

Profit RIver Firearms in LLoydminster AB: 780-875-0575

Rusty Wood Trading Company - Gunsmith, gun parts and blank brass.

Cabelas Canada:

TnT Gunworks (Regina, SK)

- Elwood Epps in Ontario:

- RaynerShine Gunworks (Lancer, SK)

- Competition Blanks: Prairie Mountain Mounted Shooting Supplies

Blair: 403-820-0025

Gun supplies

Ballistol - Sportsman oil for cleaning and protecting your firearms.

Event Supplies

Balloons from (Order under SCMSA and keep track of the shipping #)

Buffalo Blanks (They also supply balloons, balloon sticks and rods)

Shooting arenas

Maps to Cain Perf. Horses (Kendal), Trails End Guest ranch (Ayelsbury), Frank's place (Saskatoon) and the Longhorn Arena (Paradise Hill), Prairieland Park Ag Centre (Saskatoon).

**The list of SCMSA certified arenas changes often and without notification. Please contact the executive to confirm insurance is up to date before hosting an event.**

Shoot Documentation

SCMSA Competition Information

  • Unless advertised as "jackpots", "competitions" or "fun/practice shoots", the majority of shoots will be scheduled and run as CMSA events.
  • Event organizers can run any kind of shoot they wish, as long as it complies with SCMSA rules.
  • Competition requests have to be submitted to the SCMSA board. That way everyone knows what is happening and they can get the event organizer the most current information. This helps ensure a successful shoot.

SK Locations


  • Results will be announced on a combination of this page, Facebook and as the shoots occur.

Fellow black powder burners in SK

- SK Assoc, of Wild West Shooters ( S.A.W.W.S Northern SK)


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