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  1. Website Updates!

    Join the SCMSA online!

    **We need a guinea pig to see if this process ACTUALLY works. It “should”! ” 🙂 Membership payments auto-renew. New members are automatically added to the SCMSA site as a “Active Member” and it will show them as a Non-Active member when they cancel their membership, so nobody has to keep track of members as they come and go. People can still pay by cheque and snail mail, but this will be cheaper (no cheques or postage). As and added bonus, I can offer members a custom email address (if they don’t already have one) in the format This should help us get the newsletters out without stuffing envelopes.

    How to join the SCMSA on-line: (For now, I password protected the pages with the following scmsa14)
    1) Go to, hover over “Membership” and select “Member Signup”.
    2) Click the Checkout Using Paypal Button in the membership area
    Note: ** You still have to sign and send in your 2014 Membership Application + waiver.**
    ***You will receive your membership card in the mail as soon as we receive your application.***
    ****You don’t have to have a PayPal account, just click the button and select “Pay using your credit or debit card”.
    2) Choose to pay by PayPal or Credit Card
    3) Once payed up, you will have to enter your information. (Name, Address, Phone, Email, etc)

    On the PayPal screen:

    Description Terms Amount
    Activate SCMSA Membership / $75 per year
    Referencing Customer ID: 2
    Customer IP Address: xxxx $75.00 CAD for the first year
    Then $75.00 CAD for each year $75.00 CAD

    MailChimp for Newsletters!

    The SCMSA Secretary/Webmaster can log into from anywhere in the world and create a quick email to send out or a more elaborate newsletter. I have connected the membership list to our website, so as the membership changes on the site, it also changes on the mailchimp newsletter. We only have one list for now, and that is all active members. I will be adding a new list “Non Active Members” so we can target passed members with non-sensitive club information they might find helpful. We can also attempt to win those members back using this list.

    ***This message was brought to you by the SCMSA Website + MailChimp + Gary and the letter “S”.

    Please address any concerns, questions or feedback you have to

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