Perdue Shoot Aug 2014 – Judgement Day 1 & 2

See Photos (picture credit goes to Gwen Krienke from Vanscoy. THANKS!)

Perdue Judgement Day 2014 Payouts

What a wonderful weekend (barring the weather on Day 2 which we wish we had some control over)! It was interesting to see how well people shot in the wind and at the end of the day we had some clean shooters. We are pleased (and a little proud) to have grown from a shoot with 8 competitors last year to a shoot with 28 this year.
On behalf of the Omits (Leeanne & Ian) and the O’Neail’s (Mike & Debbie) I’d like to thank Chris and Mikayla Christopherson as well as Lee and Clarence Walerius to responding to our first call for volunteers to be on the “Shoot Committee”. An extra big “Thank You” to Bob & Cathy Irwin for finding sponsorship for our shoot (I think this is why we had an increase in entries).
We would also like to shout out big Thank You’s to:
Gary – for thinking up such an awesome name for our shoot and getting it on the website for us.
Chris & Mikayla for volunteering for the weekend as our announcer and our armourer respectively.
Frank Bullin – for lending us his timer (and some extra valve stems)
Phil Woods for acting in the capacity of Match Director and helping with the parking on Friday night.
Jayne Woods for being our Gate person on Sunday.
Cain, Tom, Niels & Holly for helping the Match Director and Range master with setting up the courses.
Duncan & Cain for teaching us and helping us with the payouts.
Dora – as always thanks for your support and reassurance – we REALLY appreciate it.
Our thanks to the Living Skies Vaulting Club for the awesome job they did as Balloon Runners for the weekend. A huge job and one that makes such a difference to keeping things moving smoothly.
A BIG THANKYOU to all of our Alberta shooting pals for showing support by coming to play and compete for the weekend.
We’re already busy working on next year’s shoot. We have lots of ideas and sponsorship to pursue. I will be attending the Perdue Ag. society meeting on Sept 24th and have asked to have the SCMSA shoot put on the agenda.
Once again, thank you to everyone who helped us make this shoot a success and we invite all members to get actively involved in your club and the shoots – be it Agribition, Aylesbury, Perdue – or all of them.
Respectfully Submitted,
Debbie O’Neail

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