SCMSA Annual General Meeting

We wrapped up a very accomplished 2014 annual general meeting last night.The excellent turn out enabled lots of positive and productive discussion. Our club has a growing team of executive and directors that are prepared and intent on helping our new and existing members get out there and shoot. Our executive and directorship is distributed across the province to ensure that our members have assistance and representation regardless of where they live and shoot.

We may be hundreds of miles away from each other, but we have email, Facebook and teleconference to keep our club unified and working together to service our members while growing and promoting the sport of Cowboy Mounted Shooting.

SCMSA Past President: Frank Bullin (Saskatoon, SK) - We can't thank Frank enough for the years of patience and hard work that help make this sport happen in Saskatchewan.

SCMSA President: Cain Quam (Kendal, SK)

SCMSA Vice President: Phil Woods (Saskatoon, SK)

SCMSA Secretary: Dora Hakl (Lumsden, SK)

SCMSA Treasurer: Brenda Kwiatkowski (Saskatoon, SK)

We had an excellent 2013, and 2014 will be even better! Stay tuned for more details and a complete list of contacts and directors.

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