SCMSA Perdue Shoot

What a great time and a big thanks to Tom and Dora who traveled the farthest to take part!

The volunteers outdid themselves working in the heat to make the day run smoothly and that it did.  This was the first SCMSA shoot in Saskatchewan and the Shoot Committee outdid themselves.

There were many smiles and everyone enjoyed the great weather and competition.  The facility in Perdue is outstanding and we would like to thank the Ag Society for getting everything ready for us as well as the ladies in the concession for keeping us all fed and watered!

Thank you volunteers and organizers!

Results Aug 24:  M1-   Phil Woods                         SM1- Ray Schmaltz (1st), Tom Hakl (2nd), Gord Hiebert

                         L1-  Leeanne Omit                         SL1-Brenda Kwiatkowski, Dora Hakl, Debbie Oneail

Results Aug 25:  M1 - Phil Woods                                                                                                                                                                 SM1 - Ray Schmaltz, Gord Hiebert, Tom Hakl

                         L1 - Leeanne Omit                                                                                                                                                                SL1 - Dora Hakl, Brenda Kwiatkowski, Debbie Oneail

Watch for the pictures - coming soon


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