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Pile ‘O’ Bones 2016 – RESULTS

Another successful SCMSA Pile 'O' Bones CMSA shootout is in the books!

This was the best one ever! Lots of spectators, 3 cameras, instant replays and a live scoreboard really added to the spectacle!

I'm sure our sponsors were thrilled to see their names on the big screen at the Canadian Western Agribition! The highlight reel has reached over 8,000 people on Facebook alone! See video here

As usual, we couldn't do this without the help and support of our volunteers and sponsors! Thank you all for your continued support.

Showcase Results:

showcase-regina-2016  showcase-regina-2016-sorted

Main Match By Class:

overall-main-match-through-stage-1-by-class  overall-main-match-through-stage-2-by-class  overall-main-match-through-stage-3-by-class

Overall Main Match:

overall-main-match-stage-1-only overall-main-match-stage-2-only  overall-main-match-stage-3-only

overall-main-match-through-stage-1   overall-main-match-through-stage-2   overall-main-match-through-stage-3

Shotgun Classes:

overall-shotgun-through-stage-1-by-class overall-shotgun-through-stage-2-by-class

overall-shotgun-stage-1-only  overall-shotgun-stage-2-only

Rifle Classes:

overall-rifle-through-stage-1-by-class   overall-rifle-through-stage-2-by-class

overall-rifle-stage-1-only    overall-rifle-stage-2-only









Pile ‘O’ Bones 2016

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